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Our Application Features

Send Text SMS: this option allow user to send a single sms for one number only.

Send MASS Text SMS: here you can send SMS to multiple numbers from your phonebook. It is easy, simply drag the numbers from the left textbox to the right one. Notice a cool feature: that contact’s Name will appear beside the mobile number as a ‘tool tip’.

Send broadcast SMS: this option allow users to bulk sms for each group seperatly from their phonebook. You can choose the group from the combobox and see the total number of mobile numbers in each group.

Send from text file: It is a great tool where you can right numbers in a text file and load them for sending. Format of text file should be: for each line only one number.

How to write a message: This page, gives you the best tools in a single view itself and with minimum mouse-clicks you can send SMS’ to one, few or many numbers.

     -Use Template: Select the predefined Message Template here.

     -Your Message: Type the text that needs to be sent as the SMS. For each
      SMS you may type 160 English characters and 70 Arabic Characters
      inclusive of space.

     -Character left: Find the exact number characters being used in the message.

     -Mobile phone: You may manually enter the mobile number of those
      recipients not present in the Address book. Please enter the number
      in International format that is with country code without “00” example
      UAE mobile : 971501234567
      Lebanon mobile:9613123456 or 96170123456.

     -Send as flash message: If you place a tick on this option you will
      receive a flash message.

     -Send as unicode message: This option should be selected when
      we need to send an arabic message or french message containing
      special caracters (ex:accents).

Phonebook: this page, gives you the flexibility to manage your contacts. Add new contacts, Edit details, shuffle contacts to groups. You can conveniently upload up to 100 000 Contacts into each Group from an Excel Sheet(CSV). One excel file should be created for each group. Please make sure that the worksheet contains three columns with these types "name" and "mobile" and "email". Note: The Excel Sheet should be saved as CSV comma seperated.

Message Template: this page, gives you the freedom to Create, Edit, Delete and Store message templates so that you can save time and effort without retyping. You may customize a message and keep it ready for sending.

Outgoing SMS: this page, offer us a view about all messages and their status, you can consult the receive numbers and dates of sending.

Preferences: In this page users can manage their profile and personal informations.

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